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Category: Pricing Questions
Not from us. The price’s and plan’s are set to ensure there are no hidden or extra charges.
Category: Process Questions

Yes you can. We have a list of both style and tone that can be used. We do recommend choosing the best for your business needs. Once decided on, it will help both your site and SEO optimization to stay with what you decided on.

Once it is up and live, it is not recommended to make too many revisions. However, we will make one or two. If needed.

Yes. Each image is a one of a kind, never seen before image.

Category: SEO Questions

After years in the industry and with new techniques learned along the way, it comes down to the tone, style, keyword placement, and put in naturally. The rest are trade secrets.

Category: SEO Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s the art of optimizing your website for search engines. This can help you get more organic traffic, basically without having to pay the search engines for ranking in the “sponsored” listings. It brings in more visitors to your site, thus more business.

Category: Pricing Questions

We have 2 Small Business Content Empowerment Packages. The pricing is structured and planned to provide the best results for us and our clients.

Category: Process Questions

Once we have access to your WordPress site, as an author, not a site administrator, we will put them up on the designated days of the week in the package.

Category: Pricing Questions

Credit/Debit card. As one of the most secure payment platforms, we use PayPal as our payment gateway. With that, we do not ever get your credit card information. Only PayPal has it.

Category: SEO Questions

Keyword research is the skill of being able to search to see how your keywords are searched for, how often, how hard it will be to get listed on Google, and what keywords are tertiary to it that may be easier to rank for and get better quality results.

Category: Process Questions

First, review the Small Business Content Empowerment package’s either on the Premium Services Page or the Price page. Then, Book a FREE consultation so we can discuss your needs and move on from there. Once we decide we are a fit for each other, you can sign up on the price page.

Our Small Business Content Empowerment Package is designed From foundational articles that set the stage to weekly content that delves into the nitty gritty. This package is more than just a service it’s a partnership. A partnership aimed at catapulting your digital footprint far beyond the competition.

Head of Sales and Content Creator at Premium Content Creators | Website

I am a seasoned website designer and content creator with a career spanning over two decades. My journey in this field began in 1997, and I’ve been specializing in WordPress and content creation since 2007. I learn fast and become an expert as needed. With a deep understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I’ve been optimizing websites for search engines since 1998. My expertise lies in manipulating the back end code of WordPress sites and crafting high-quality, SEO-friendly content to maximize their potential. I believe that compelling content is at the heart of every successful website, and I strive to create unique, engaging content that drives traffic and conversions. I am also certified by Google as a Google Business Profile Certificate

Frank Masotti
Google fundamentals of digital marketing certified

Premium Content Creators
Internet Service Agency

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We are proud to be part of the Internet Service Agency network of sites and businesses.
Frank Masotti Who is in charge of all content creation on all of our sites.
Frank Masotti can be located at:
3432 Skips Lane
Phoenix AZ, 85012
(602) 888-3448
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We are also proud to work closely with Jer Ayles of Tri House Consulting on all of our finacial related web sites.